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Hemp Issue Brings General Assembly Together | WMRA Public Radio Feb. 4th, 2015

When it comes to food and farming, old is new these days; it's hard to find a seed catalog that isn't filled with heirloom crops that are all the rage again.

There's one once-important Virginia plant, though, that needs an OK from the General Assembly before it comes back. WMRA's Andrew Jenner has the latest on the process.

Guess what just won the unanimous approval of the fractious Virginia House of Delegates? Hemp.

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VA General Assembly Approves Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2015 |WHAG News Feb. 11, 2015

Winchester, VA -The Virginia General Assembly recently approved the Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2015 and once Governor McAuliffe signs the bill, it will officially become a law. 

The law will allow hemp to be grown, so it can be used to create products such as paper, plastic or fiber. 

"We are poised to be able to allow our state universities and Department of Agriculture to approve the growing and cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in Virginia for the purposes of pilot programs," said Chase Milner, Shenandoah Valley Regional Director of Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition. 

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Advocacy Group Optimistic about Hemp Act | Northern Va. Daily

After spending over four decades classified as a dangerous substance, hemp appears to be on the brink of making a comeback in Virginia.

Since 2012, the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition has been near the forefront of lobbying efforts to bring the once-central commodity back into the state’s good graces. This week, the Virginia General Assembly approved the Hemp Farming Act of 2015, sending it to Gov. Terry McAuliffe for his signature.

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