About VIHC

Our Mission is to create legislation that will enable the legal cultivation of one of the world’s most versatile and valuable natural resources, Industrial Hemp.

Who We Are

Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC) is a grassroots driven advocacy organization whose goal is to educate, inspire and rally Virginians to restore the free market for Industrial Hemp, a low-THC oilseed and fiber crop, a variety of Cannabis.

There is already clear support in our state for industrial hemp. In 1999 and 2001, the Virginia legislature passed supportive resolutions calling for a revised federal hemp policy. The VIHC believes that further legislative changes are necessary to create a safe and well regulated environment to once again allow Virginia farmers to responsibly grow, process, and compete in a burgeoning domestic U.S. industrial hemp market.

Why the Coalition

  1. The Hemp seed is one of the premier sources of food nutrition, fuel, and fiber from the plant kingdom.
  2. America is the largest consumer and import market for industrial hemp oilseed and fiber products, yet Virginians are not allowed to cultivate this valuable and sustainable rotational crop due to injurious federal/state law.
  3. 21st century industry uses for hemp reveal a diverse and versatile commodity crop that will add new markets and value to the Virginia economy as a feedstock for a wide range of new agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing jobs in the Commonwealth.
  4. Industrial Hemp legislation has been sweeping through both democratic and republican controlled state governments in recent years and Virginia stands to miss out on the opportunity to create new and sustainable commercial industries built upon an agriculture crop whose roots start here in American history.